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Lesson 2: World Map Assignment

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Students will fill familiarize themselves with the geography of the world/area to be studied. Lesson includes map worksheet and quiz game.


  1. Students will become more familiar with the geography of the modern world.
  2. Students will understand the importance of political boundaries and how geographical features influence political boundaries.


  1. Download blank world maps from Education Place. Distribute blank map and (Student Handout 1.2.1) to students and have them work on the maps in class or have them complete it for homework.

  2. Have students label major countries, cities, oceans, rivers and mountain ranges  
    using the map in their textbooks, or any historical atlas.

  3. Have students color their maps as well. Blue for oceans and major rivers and different colors for each country. Students should study the maps for homework in preparation for game.

  4. When completed, collect the maps. Put students into teams of five and give each group one map. Before class I have cut up pieces of paper and allotted points for the different geographical features that I have asked them to label on their maps.  (I give more difficult items like rivers and certain cities more points, than say well known countries.)  I then have one person from a group at a time, chose one of the papers from a hat. They, then have 30 seconds to locate the feature on the class map. If they correctly id the feature within time that group is awarded the points, if not then the next group gets a chance to locate that feature and earn the points.  The group with the most points at the end wins.


I assess students based on how well they have completed the maps and their familiarity with the geography of the world by their ability to id the features in the game.

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