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Monday, 12 October 2009 01:41

Lesson 3: Imperialism Political Cartoon Assessment

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1. Students will look at political cartoons to extend their understanding of the concept of imperialism.

2. Students will analyze primary documents in the form of political cartoons.

3. Students will apply what they have learned about imperialism from notes, simulation and cartoons to create a political cartoon to illustrate the imperialism that led up to WWI.

Procedure: (This lesson takes 2 - 3 class periods)

Step 1:

  1. Students should already have had a lecture on imperialism and this would be after the Berlin Conference simulation. The instructor will give a power point presentation showing various examples of imperialist political cartoons.
  2. Pass out Student Handout 6.3.1 and review the assignment with the students. Have them use their textbooks and notes to determine which area and concepts they want to cover in their cartoons.
  3. Have the following materials on hand so that students may start working on their projects. (Materials: white copy paper, colored pencils, crayons, markers, pens, pencils)
  4. Before they leave class they should have chosen a topic and a few concepts so that they may go home and do a little more research.

Step 2:

  1. Students should have a rough draft of the summary sentences and a rough draft/sketch of their cartoons. They may continue to work on them, but let them know they are due the following day.
  2. You may also have students work on it entirely on their own time and have them present their cartoons on the day they are due.


Two cartoons that address the 2 mandatory categories 20 pts

Cartoons reflect an opinion about imperialism and Response, not merely facts, in your illustration 10 pts
Write at least 5 sentences covering your chosen concepts, and the opinion your cartoon reflects 20 pts
Include color or shading in your cartoon 10 pts
Presentation 10 pts extra credit

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