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Monday, 12 October 2009 01:22

Lesson 4: Child Labor in our World Today

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Lesson 4: Child Labor in our World Today

(inspired by Thais Da Rosa, Lowell HS and adapted by Kristin Lubenow, Lowell HS)


  1. Students will recognize the impact of Industrialization on today’s world
    1. Low wages, poverty, unsafe working conditions of women and children.
  2. Students will research child labor around the world and create a poster that shows their knowledge of child labor conditions.
  3. Students will present their findings.

Procedure: (This lesson will take 2 – 3 Class periods)

Step 1:

  1. Have students look at their clothes to see where they were manufactured. Generate a list on the blackboard of the countries of origin.
  2. Divide the class into groups based on the number of countries listed on the board.  Each group will choose a country and research child labor in that country. Distribute Student Handout 5.4.1.
  3. Have students do research for homework, or allow them to do it in class if they have access to computers.
  4. Show video clip from Livelihood; When Children Do the Work (about child labor in Pakistan)
  5. Have students write a one paragraph reaction and then discuss as a class.

Step 2:

  1. Students should bring in the research they have found and use the class period to put together their posters. The purpose of the poster is to discourage the use of child labor in this particular setting.  Have a model to show students if at all possible.  Hang the posters in the school hallways.


Presentation - 25 pts (All members spoke and all information was provided)
Poster - 25 pts (Includes all requirements and excellent effort on artistic presentation)

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