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Monday, 12 October 2009 00:54

Lesson 2: Should the Haitian Slaves Revolt in 1791?

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Yale New Haven Teacher’s Institute


1. Students should be able to describe the issues facing the leaders of the San Domingo revolution in 1790.
2. Students should be able to empathize to a certain extent with those facing the decision to lead a violent revolt.
3. Students should be able to evaluate key factors in the decision making process.

Procedure: (This lesson may be completed in 1 class period)

Step 1:

1. Teacher hands out “Fact Sheet” (Student Handout 4.2.1) to the students, which includes necessary information about the coming revolution.
2. Teacher divides the class into two groups. One group is instructed to use the “Fact Sheet” information to support the coming revolution; the other group is told to oppose the revolution using the same “Fact Sheet.”
3. After giving students adequate time to sift out the appropriate “facts,” the teacher moderates the debate between the two groups of San Domingo residents. Some are Landowners, some are Mulattoes, some are Freedmen, and some are Slaves.
4. After the debate, the teacher informs the class how in fact the Haitian Revolution did come into being, and particularly the role of Toussaint L’Ouverture.

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