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Lesson 2: Anatomy of a Revolution

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In this lesson students will use a model of a revolution to analyze the French Revolution. Students will be working in groups to come up with examples that fit the model.


  1. Students will analyze the components leading up to the French Revolution using the Anatomy of a Revolution model by Crane Brinton. (Brinton Crane. Anatomy of a Revolution)
  2. Students will draw conclusions about the French Revolution and write about those conclusions.


(This lesson will take approximately 1 class period)

Step 1: Introduction

Play the Beatles’ song Revolution.  Have a copy of the lyrics displayed on the overhead projector. (Teacher Resource 3.2.1) Ask students for their reactions to the song.  Do they think the Beatles are for/against revolution, or can they tell from the lyrics?

Step 2:

Pass out copies of Brinton’s Model of Revolutions (Student Handout 3.2.1) and discuss and analyze how the French Revolution fits into this model.  Break students into groups of 3 or 4 and have them write down their responses to the questions at the bottom of the handout for credit.  Their groups should try to give an example for each condition Brinton suggests should be present, as well as examples for the course that the revolution took. They can use their notes and/or textbook to complete this assignment.

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