Thursday, August 24, 2017
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Modern World History Lesson Plans for High School

About the project

I spent my sabbatical from teaching at Lowell High School, creating a website for teachers of the Modern World History course.  One of my greatest frustrations as a teacher is the lack of time to collaborate with my colleagues.  We begin every year with the pledge to collaborate and share more of our ideas and lesson plans, however as we get into the year we get caught up in the fast pace of the semester and don’t have time share, plans, ideas, video clips, etc.

This website will, hopefully, provide a space for us to share lesson plans, links to sources, streamed videos, notes, power point presentations, as well as be able to make comments about what worked and what didn’t work in our classes.  Essentially, it is a repository for resources for Modern World teachers to submit curriculum, as well as access worksheets, supplemental readings, video clips, research and essay writing tips and other resources; a centralized place to better share our “best teaching practices.”

I hope that this website will make it easier for teachers at Lowell and throughout the district to be more collaborative, share our strengths and make the Modern World course a little less challenging to teach and more relevant to our students.

I have tried by best to give credit where credit is due and site the sources of the lessons, et al. If I have overlooked or forgotten anyone, please forgive me.  This site is for educational use only.  If you have something to contribute to the site, put it into a word document and email it to me, and I will add it to the site.


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